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Micro ATX Vehicle PC

OPUS Solutions, Inc. Mobile-PC is designed specifically for use in an automotive environment. The Opus Solutions, Inc. Micro ATX Vehicle Workstation is the ideal mobile-PC solution.

Designed specifically for use in an automotive environment, this product brings a new dimension to your PC's mobility. Just get in your vehicle and start the engine; your PC is ready to go. When you switch off the ignition the PC can go into shut down, standby or hibernate modes automatically, no switch to fiddle or fuss.

Designed to accommodate a full Micro ATX motherboard, the Micro ATX Vehicle Workstation can enjoy the wide selection of hardware and software available for the PC platform, providing a fully expandable computer at a reasonable system cost. Unlike laptops, the system can be upgraded, when required, without losing all of the initial investment.

Constructed from heavy gauge aluminum sheet metal, the case is ruggedly built to withstand the shock and vibration encountered in a tough mobile environment. Although tough, the case still provides easy accessibility to I/Os, cables and CD/ DVD ROM Drive or removable Hard Drive. Cables and I/O connectors are covered for protection from accidental damage by a removable front panel featuring a security lock to prevent unauthorized access inside the unit. The hard drive is protected from shock and vibration by a specially designed isolation mount. A daughter card retaining bracket prevents cards from sliding out during shock and vibration.

The Micro ATX Vehicle Workstation's DC-DC Power supply uses state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced techniques to maximize efficiency, performance and reliability. A micro-controller governs various functions of operation. The automobile battery voltage is monitored to protect against deep discharge. The ignition lead is monitored to start the PC when the vehicle is turned on and also to implement a safe shutdown procedure. Micro ATX motherboard signals are controlled to provide smooth power-up and power down sequences. In addition, the supply also responds to shut down, stand-by and hibernate mode and can be programmed to shut down the PC with a delay of up to one hour.

- A fully featured ATX workstation
- Built-in 250W DC-DC vehicle power supply (12V or 24V)
- High efficiency (extended battery life)
- Ignition or ON/OFF switch input
- Automatic shutdown at low battery voltage
- Wide input voltage
- Load dump protected
- 6 PCI slots and 1 AGP slot
- Auto shutdown
- Built in Hard Drive shock & vibration protection
- Rugged heavy aluminum construction
- Does not reboot PC during engine crank
- Delayed shutdown
- Simple to install
- 1 x 3.5" hard drive mount with shock & vibration isolation
- 1 x 5.25" bay fron accessible (CD/DVD or removable HDD)
- 4 pin cam lock for security
- Optional Case vibration protection available
- Flexible mounting options

- Law enforcement vehicles
- Telematics
- Mobile GPS & tracking systems
- Mobile MP3 and multimedia solutions
- Computers in trucks, RVs, boats, etc.

Micro ATX Vehicle PC

Input 12V 24V
Normal operating voltage: 7V to 18V DC 15V to 32V DC
Low battery shutdown voltage: 10.6V +- 0.25V 21.2V +- 0.25V
Low battery de-bounce time: 10sec 10sec


Output 250W Ripple Regulation
+3.3V 15A max, 20A pk 50mv p-p max 2%
+5V 15A max, 20A pk 50mv p-p max 2%
+12V 10A max, 17A pk 100mv p-p max 2%
-12V 0.35A max, 0.4A pk 50mv p-p max 2%
5V standby 1.5A max, 2A pk 50mv p-p max 2%


Power supplies overall efficiency: >90% at optimum loads
Shut Down Delay Time: 10sec. (Default), 20min, 40min or 60min (set by Jumper)
Wake on interrupt time: 20 minutes (while ignition is off)
Ignition or ON/OFF input current: <5 mA
MTBF: 250,000 hrs min.
Cooling: Forced air or thermal coupling to heat sink for loads above 90W
Operating temperature: -20C to 65C
Input fuse: 15A ATO (automotive blade fuse)
External Dimensions
Micro ATX Mobile-PC: 400mm x 335mm x 148mm
  16" x 13.4" x 5.92"
ATX Mobile-PC with 400mm x 380mm x 148mm
mounting brackets: 16" x 15.2" x 5.92"
Weight: 3.25 - 6 Kg, 7.2 - 13.2 lbs (depends on included components)


Part number: Description
MPC.uATX.xx Micro ATX Mobile-PC Case with 250W Intelligent DC-DC Power Supply
MPC.uATX.MDC Removable 3.5" SATA HDD Kit

Micro ATX Vehicle PC

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Micro ATX Vehicle PC

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Micro ATX Vehicle PC


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