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DCL11 (15W)

OPUS Solutions, Inc. Point Of Load DC-DC smart power supply is designed specifically for powering LCDs, USB hubs, DVD drives, and other peripheral devcies that require 5V, 7.5V, 9V or 12V input.

OPUS Solutions Point Of Load DC-DC smart power supply, is designed specifically for powering peripheral devices used in an automotive environment. The Power-ON lead is monitored to start the device when the power is turned on. The input power is protected against transients and load dumps. It also uses technologies to maximize efficiency, performance and reliability.

- 15W output
- High Efficiency DC-DC Power Supply (extended battery life)
- Wide input voltage range
- On/Off power switch input
- Load dump protected
- Extended operating temperature
- Simple to install

- Powering external slim optical drives (CD-ROM, DVD)
- Powering cameras
- Powering LCD screens
- Powering USB Hubs, etc.

DCL11 (15W)

Normal input operating voltage: 6.5V to 30V DC (note: input voltage must be greater than output voltage) 
Input Protection: LC Pi filter
Input Fuse:  1.8A
PTC Quiescent current drain: <2 mA
Input Power Mating connector:

Plug: Molex: P/N: 39-01-4030  
Crimps: Molex: P/N: 30490-2-12


Output Voltage: +5V, +7.5V, +9V or +12V (voltage set by 2mm shunt jumper)
Output Power: 3A mx, 3.5A peak or 15W
Output Power Connector:       
Receptacle: Molex: P/N: 43645-0200

Receptacle: Molex: P/N: 43645-0200
Crimps: Molex: P/N: 43030-0001 


Power Supply Efficiency: >90%
Operating Temperature Range: -20C to 65C
MTBF: 300,000 hrs min.
Cooling: Forced air or thermal coupling to heat sink for loads above 10W
External Dimensions: 70mm x 27.5mm x 12.7mm   2.75" x 1.09" x 0.5"
Part Number Description
DCL11-UT 15W VPOL DC-DC with mounting bracket/heat sink

DCL11 (15W)

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DCL11 (15W)

Support & Download:
pdf fileDCL11-xx User Guide-w

DCL11 (15W)


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