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UPS 16 is a vehicle 12V DC line conditioner with Un-interruptible Power Source. It is engineered to protect computers and other sensitive electronic equipment from noise, transients, load dumps, over voltage, under voltage, voltage dropouts and brown-outs. It provides short term uninterruptible energy source from its internal super capacitors, to operate the load continuously in the event of power interruptions or brown-outs. It is built for an automotive environment where reliability is not a compromise.

UPS 16 is a better choice in a battery operated environment where short time (in seconds) external storage is required to protect computers and other sensitive equipment from crashing. UPS 16 can provide upwards of 50,000+ of charge / discharge cycles before replacement or service. So, it provides trouble-free operation for many years.

A battery based UPS can provide long time storage but at a cost of replacing or servicing within a few hundred to a few thousand cycles. If you need operating time in minutes rather than in seconds then a battery backed UPS is a good choice. But, In many applications our UPS 16 is a better choice.

  • Transient protection
  • Load dump protection
  • Over voltage, under voltage and over current protection
  • Short term un-interruptible Power source
  • Ignition or on/off switch input and output
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Minimum of 500X operating life compared to SLA Batteries.
  • Very low to no maintenance
  • Compatible with our DC-DC to provide seamless operation.



See the pdf fileUPS-16 Spec sheet for more details.

Usable Stored energy

1000 Joules Min. with  normal operating voltage

Hold Time Vs. Load current
  Load Current:  1A 2A 3A 5A 7A 9A
  Maximum Power hold time:  31Sec  15Sec  9Sec  4.5Sec  2.5Sec  1.3Sec
Number of Charge and discharge cycles: 50,000 cycles Min.
Normal operating input voltage range:  7.5V to 15.8V DC (12V Vehicle Battery System)
Peak input voltage range 7V to 18V DC (less than 1Sec at 50% duty cycle repetition)
Idle state power consumption: <3mA (no load condition)


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